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DRBW Story

I decided to open my own bike shop because I have always loved riding and working on bicycles. Before opening the shop I worked on and sold bikes for 17 years. I studied repair, maintenance, efficient operations, and performance since I started working on bikes in 1999. There is a void in Downtown Akron which I hoped to fill by opening my shop. The best bike trail in Ohio passes right through it and the number of bike lanes and cycle paths are increasing every day. Akron is the gateway to endless outdoor exploration starting with the Towpath and continuing into the Metroparks and the National Park. I am excited to provide a truly exceptional service experience that is sincere, helpful, personal and fun. Our goal is to put you on a bike that will make you want to ride mile after mile - not to just try and make a quick profit. You will immediately notice what a difference getting Dirty makes.


Our Core Values


We are who we appear and say we are.
What we do is in respect of where we’ve been and where we're going.
Our values dictate our actions and decisions.


We want to help you love every minute on your bike.
We will listen to your goals, and suggest things to help you long after you leave.


Bikes are supposed to be fun.
We have a lot of unique ways to enjoy life on two wheels.
Go and do likewise.


We really want to live out our values.
We work hard and we try.
Intentions mean something.
We sell products that solve problems and make a difference.